Friday, July 15, 2011

Dai Nam Park - Buddhist Hell Theme Park in Vietnam

Bao Thap Tower rises up from the side of Bao Son, the Tallest Man-Made Mountain Range in Vietnam
A private Amusement Park graces Vietnamese Culture and History with its Man-Made Marvels

Situated in Thu Dau Mot District in the Southern Province of Binh Duong
Dai Nam Park is 45 km from downtown Ho Chi Minh City

Launched in 1999, the Ist Phase of the US$171 million project has been completed to create a vast Temple

with adjacent Hotel, an open Zoo, an Amusement Park, a Water Park with Machine-Made Waves
and an imposing set of Mountain Peaks

Dai Nam opened to the public on 11th September, last year
After complition of 2nd Face in 2010

Dai Nam will be the Biggest Theme Park in Vietnam
many times the size of its nearest rival, the 55- hectare Suoi Tien Park in HCMC

The 450-hectare Amusement Park is still under construction
Excavators and Bulldozers are still digging and flattening the ground in places

but nearly all the roads are finished and the Free Trams are carrying Visitors around the Park

Inside the Temple is a central chamber with gilded statues of the Buddha

It's not a Museum, it is a Theme Park in Vietnam - 'Buddhist Theme Park'

It was a little like Pirates of the Carribean
only incredibly lame, tech-wise

Rides and Stuff, plus this Animatronic Display of the 12 Torments of Hell
for those people who'd committed particular Crimes

There was one Specific Punishment for Gamblers
one for Adulterers, another for Drug-Takers

It is kind of Amusing how different members of the family
If you're ever in Saigon, you have to visit, it's truly strange

The park has a website where you can watch short MPEG movies
of attractions including the Hell Exhibit

The whole Park is surreal check out the wicked cool photos these gigantic swimming pools
with faux-stone monuments of Gods watching over

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  1. All from seconds down images are constructions of SUOI TIEN Theme Parks.
    Please do not post any thing (or photos) if you can not determined it exactly.